Media Streaming (ShareStream)

Media Streaming using ShareStream will no longer be available for use after March 2018. The Academic Video service now supports this function. Please see below for transistion information.

To download your material from ShareStream please see the instructions: "How to download Media Files from a Course". If you require further assistance please contact us at the service desk (contact info along right hand of this page)

Using Media Streaming, you can upload video and audio files and share them publicly or with select groups only. Our U of S tool, ShareStream, is fully integrated for use within U of S Course Tools and is a secure alternative to free video hosting services.

Getting Started


You can access ShareStream from within U of S Course Tools (Blackboard). From there, you can upload media files, add media files to specific courses, create media assignment folders for students to submit media files, and more.


You can upload media files only if your instructor has created an assignment folder for this purpose.

Using ShareStream Outside of U of S Course Tools

If you wish to use ShareStream outside of U of S Course Tools (e.g. for administrative or research purposes or to post videos publicly), you will need to request special access privileges to use ShareStream.

  • To request special access or other assistance with ShareStream, please contact the ICT Service Desk.

Note: For ShareStream to operate properly, you may need to update your versions of Java and Flash.


Learn More

ShareStream Instructors’ Guide

The ShareStream Instructor’s Guide contains detailed information on everything you’ll need to use ShareStream.

Note: Because of ShareStream’s full integration with U of S Course Tools, you will not need to create a Sharestream Course Collection before you can upload media. You can therefore ignore this instruction on page 1 of the manual.

Supported File Formats

You can find information on the file formats that ShareStream supports in the ShareStream Instructor’s Guide (PDF) in the Supported Sharestream Platform Input Formats appendix (p. 62).


For general support or assistance with ShareStream, please contact the ICT Service Desk.

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