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Hardware for Web Conferencing

To participate in a web conference, you will need some basic hardware. You may also need some additional equipment depending on the number of people in a location and the kind of interaction you would like among participants.

Basic Hardware

  1. High-speed Internet (preferably wired, not wireless)
  2. Multimedia-capable computer
  3. Speakers or earphones and microphone, or headset (USB Headset recommended for best audio)
  4. Web camera (optional, not needed if audio only is desired)

Additional Hardware

(often used for conferences with remote and local participants)
  1. Room microphone capable of picking up student voices from around your classroom (Optional; required if remote participants need to hear the local participants)
  2. Audio mixer to connect the room microphone. (May be required if the host also wears a headset or wireless microphone.)
  3. Small set of speakers (optional; required if local participants need to hear the remote participants)
  4. Video projector (unless room is small enough for everyone to see host’s monitor)
  5. Web camera for the room (optional)
  6. Multimedia-capable laptop in addition to the multimedia machine you use to present to your local participants.
  7. Wireless lapel microphone to be worn by the instructor (so the remote participants can hear you)
  8. Moderator/Assistant to help run the second laptop, moderate the interaction with the remote participants, and manage your microphones.

See the table below for general information on what items may be needed for certain kinds of web conferences but be sure to contact for advice about your specific needs.

Web Conference Requirements
Conference Host

Remote Conference
(no participants

in same room as host)

Basic hardware

Basic hardware

Small Blended Conference

(up to 12 remote and local participants)

Basic hardware


Additional hardware items 5-8.

Basic hardware

Large Blended Conference

(more than 12 remote and local participants)

Basic hardware


Additional hardware items 5-11.

Basic hardware

Lecture/ Seminar Broadcast

(where remote participants are audience members only)

Basic hardware


Basic hardware items 1-3*.

(*No microphone required)


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