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Web Conferencing (WebEx)

With web conferencing, you can use your own computer to interact with others in video or audio-only meetings. WebEx can be used to record web conferences, share desktops and applications, conduct polling and live-chat messaging.

Getting Started

Video chat and share your screen with one or more friends from your PC, Mac or Mobile device

Similar to popular online services, such as Skype, or Google Hangouts, the University of Saskatchewan has licensed Cisco WebEX to enable faculty, staff and students to: 

  • Present or attend meetings with individuals, small and large groups
  • Collaborate using shared chat, whiteboard and screen sharing
  • Markup and collaborate on shared documents
  • Attend or present at a course, town hall, conference, or forum online

WebEx has been integrated with U of S Course Tools (Blackboard Learn) empowering instructors to:

  • Meet with individuals or groups in other locations
  • Bring remote guest lecturers into the classroom
  • Support group projects and collaboration
  • Hold virtual office hours

WebEx works with Windows (Windows 7 and higher) and Apple Computers (OS 10.7 and higher) and has apps for iPhone, iPad and Android. Participants can connect from their desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablets.

We highly recommended that you pre-test your computer for WebEx meeting center functionality, well in advance of your scheduled meeting.

WebEx quick start participant guide 

WebEx Login

Recommendations before You Begin Your Web Conference:

1. Contact Us in Advance (1-2 weeks)

2. Consider Your Conference’s Specific Needs

  • Number of remote locations and particpants at each.
  • Face to face participants in addition to those online.
  • Equipment necessary at each location.
  • Participation and interaction among the participants.

3. Get to Know Your Web Conferencing Tool (WebEx)

4. Arrange Testing and Training for Your Participants

  • Encourage your participants to test out the system and equipment in theWebEx Test room 
  • For WebEx training, please contact ICT Training

5. Provide Access Information for Participants 

  • Post the web link to your conference’s virtual room.
  • Tell your conference participants where to find the web link.
  • Give your contact info (including phone number) to your participants in case they have difficulty accessing the conference.

6. Provide Contact Information in case of Technical Difficulties

  • Provide participants with your contact info, including your phone number.
  • Keep IT Support Services contact info on hand

How to Use

WebEx on Devices

Basic Hardware

  1. High-speed Internet (preferably wired, not wireless)
  2. Multimedia-capable computer
  3. Speakers or earphones and microphone, or headset (USB Headset recommended for best audio)
  4. Web camera (optional, not needed if audio only is desired)

Additional Hardware

(often used for conferences with remote and local participants)

  1. Room microphone capable of picking up student voices from around your classroom (Optional; required if remote participants need to hear the local participants)
  2. Audio mixer to connect the room microphone. (May be required if the host also wears a headset or wireless microphone.)
  3. Small set of speakers (optional; required if local participants need to hear the remote participants)
  4. Video projector (unless room is small enough for everyone to see host’s monitor)
  5. Web camera for the room (optional)
  6. Multimedia-capable laptop in addition to the multimedia machine you use to present to your local participants.
  7. Wireless lapel microphone to be worn by the instructor (so the remote participants can hear you)
  8. Moderator/Assistant to help run the second laptop, moderate the interaction with the remote participants, and manage your microphones.

See the table for general information on what items may be needed for certain kinds of web conferences but be sure to contact for advice about your specific needs.

Web Conference Requirements
Conference Host

Remote Conference
(no participants

in same room as host)

Basic hardware

Basic hardware

Small Blended Conference

(up to 12 remote and local participants)

Basic hardware


Additional hardware items 5-8.

Basic hardware

Large Blended Conference

(more than 12 remote and local participants)

Basic hardware


Additional hardware items 5-11.

Basic hardware

Lecture/ Seminar Broadcast

(where remote participants are audience members only)

Basic hardware


Basic hardware items 1-3*.

(*No microphone required)


Support & Guides

Immediate Technical Support

ICT Service Desk: Phone 306-966-2222 or 1-800-966-4817 (Toll Free in Canada); email

Training and Guides

Teaching & WebEx

WebEx is available in all Blackboard Courses

The WebEx tool is located in the Tools page and should be enabled (by default).  For easy access, you may add this tool to the main left side menu of your course. 

Recording Sessions for Later Playback

With WebEx, you can record your web sessions.

  • To start or stop a recording, click the Recorder button in the upper right of the window to open the Recorder panel in your right-hand panels, then click the Record button within that pane

Note: To record, you must be the host of the meeting/session

To convert WebEx .arf recordings, you must download and install the WebEx Network Recording Player from​ (Note: Windows Only)

Presenting PowerPoint

You can present your PowerPoint presentations within WebEx using any one of the following methods:
1.  Share your entire computer screen using the Share Screen button (Meeting Centre) or the Share My Desktop button (Training Centre)
2.  From the Share menu choose Share Application -> PowerPoint (to share just your PowerPoint application)
3.  From the Share menu choose Share File, then select your PowerPoint file.  This converts your PowerPoint file to a WebEx Whiteboard document


How to Manage Your WebEx Recordings

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