Schedule Meeting from an iOS Device

  • Tap the + icon in top right corner:

tap + icon

  • Tap Schedule:

tap schedule

  • If you want to change the name/topic of the meeting, tap the default name:

tap topic

  • type in a new name and tap Save:

type new topic tap save

  • Tap Starts/Duration, enter in the start time and duration information and tap save:

tap start enter start and end

  • Tap Invitees, type in a participants’ email address then tap return on the keyboard. To add more participants repeat the process of typing in email address and tapping return on keyboard. You can invite up to 20 at one time.

NOTE: Tapping the + icon will open up your Contacts on the device.

tap invitees and enter in email addresses

  • Tap Done

  • The app will set a random password to join the meeting; if you wish to change it, tap Password, type in a new password and tap save. Note: The password will be included in the email notification of the meeting sent to all hosts and participants once the meeting is scheduled.

  • Once the meeting is setup as you want it, to schedule it tap Schedule

tap schedule

  • Once scheduled, an email will be sent to both the host and the participant(s) of the meeting.

Example Email Sent to Host:

email sent to host

Example Email Sent to Participant:

email sent to participants

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