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Pre-test WebEx

The U of S WebEx site includes set-up and testing tools that you can run before a meeting to verify your computer is ready to participate.Please note that pre-testing your WebEx readiness is not required.

When you start or join a WebEx session from the U of S WebEx site, your browser will automatically prompt you to download and install the WebEx browser add-on.

After the add-on is installed, the WebEx Meeting Center application will launch. However, this automatic process may take a few minutes, and pre-installing and testing ahead of time can allow you to more quickly join your WebEx session. Checking that rich media players are installed will ensure that your system has the necessary software to view the different varieties of multimedia that a presenter might share.

Setup and Test

From the U of S WebEx site, click the link for Meeting Center.

  1. Click the Set Up drop-down menu in the left column.
  2. In the Set Up drop-down menu, click the link for Meeting Center.


  1. Click the Set Up button
  2. If the browser add-on is missing you will be prompted to download and install it

install add-on

  1. Click Download and Agree to download the add-on installer. Once downloaded, double click the downloaded installer and run it.
  2. Once the check and installation (if required) are done, you will see a message that Setup is complete.

setup done

Check that Rich Media Players are Installed

The Meeting Center setup page also has a link to verify your rich media players. Performing this test will ensure you have the necessary software installed on your computer to view the various types of media that the presenter might share during the WebEx session.

  1. Click verify your rich media players.
  2. You will be taken to a page where you can check for Flash, Windows Media, and Quicktime players. Clicking one of the Check Now links will cause a new window to open and attempt to play a piece of sample content for that type of media.
    1. If the sample content plays successfully, it confirms you will be able to view that type of media in a WebEx session. If the content does not play, a link will be provided where you can download an installer for that media player.

Test a WebEx Meeting

To test that you are able to join a WebEx meeting from your computer:

  1. From the U of S WebEx site, click the Meeting Center tab.
  2. Open the Support drop-down menu (on the left side of the window).
  3. In the Support drop-down menu, click Contact Us.
  4. In the Test a WebEx Meeting section, click Try a test meeting.
  5. Follow the prompts to join the test meeting.

Note: the test meeting does not test audio.

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