Eduroam Wireless Network

If you are a member of an Eduroam institution you can access wireless services at other participating higher-education institutions, without the need to obtain a guest account. You can just log in as you would at your home institutions.

Getting Started

Traveling U of S Community

If you are planning to use Eduroam while traveling, your laptop must be set up on the U of S Eduroam wireless network (SSID = eduroam), you must ensure your laptop works and has VPN software installed.

  1. Set up your device
    Instructions for configuring your laptop are available for the following operating systems. Support is not available for operating systems not listed above.
  2. Check that your laptop works on the U of S wireless network
    If you have problems connecting to Eduroam, contact the ICT Service Desk or your local IT support.
  3. Set up VPN on your laptop
    Eduroam does not provide a full set of network services. In order to access systems while travelling, you will need to install VPN software on your laptop.
  4. Check the acceptable use policies at the other participating institutions

U of S Visitors using Eduroam

The U of S provides basic network connectivity for web browsing (HTTP), secure shell (SSH) and VPN only.

Since the U of S Eduroam service is restricted from accessing certain services across the Internet, some of your applications may not work, such as those used to get to your home institution's library or administrative systems. Using a VPN provided by your home institution is recommended.

Participating Eduroam Institutions

A comprehensive list of Eduroam enabled Canadian institutions can be found on the Canadian Access Federation website.

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About Eduroam

The U of S, as well as other selected Canadian universities, are participants in Eduroam, a wireless access services at higher education institutions. Eduroam originated in Europe to provide for wireless reciprocity between higher education institutions around the world.

BCNET (includes institutions such as UBC, UVic, etc.) and its member institutions were the first in Canada to create Eduroam links.

Other universities in Canada, including the U of S, have established Eduroam at their institutions as part of the development of a Canadian consortium led by The Canadian University Council of CIO's (CUCCIO).

For more information on the global Eduroam initiative, visit:


General Support information

If you require assistance setting up Eduroam or your VPN please contact your local college IT support staff. If you do not have local IT support staff please contact the ICT Service Desk.

While using Eduroam at another institution, you will need to contact the ICT Service Desk or your local IT support at the U of S for assistance. You should not expect other institutions to provide you with support.

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