Configuring Remote Desktop to a Windows Computer from a Mac

Step 1: Configuring Your On-Campus Windows Computer for Remote Desktop Connections

In order to make remote desktop connections, you must enable remote desktop on your on campus Windows desktop.

To do this in Windows 7 or higher do the following:

  • Press the Windows key and the R key on your keyboard to bring up a Run prompt, and then type sysdm.cpl


  • You will get a window similar to the one shown below.
  • Make sure that Allow Connections from computers running any version of remote desktop is selected.
  • If you will be connecting to this workstation from windows vista or windows 7, you may select the more secure option by selecting Allow connections only from computers running Remote Desktop with Network Level Authentication.

System Properties

Step 2: Configuring Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac to Remotely access on Campus Windows Computer

1. Download the latest Microsoft Remote Desktop application for Mac from the Apple App Store:

NOTE: You will need to have Apple OS OS X 10.11 or later to download and install this version.

2. Once downloaded and installed, open the Remote Desktop application in your Application folder:
rdp icon

3. Click the gear icon and select Preferences:

gear -> Preferences

4. Open the User Accounts tab then click the + in the bottom left corner:

user accounts -> +

5. Type in the following information:

  • Username: Your (i.e.
  • Password: Your NSID password
  • Friendly Name: USASK

enter information

6. Click Save.

7. Open the Gateways tab and then click the + in the bottom left corner:

enter information

8. Enter in the following information:

  • Server Name:
  • User Account: select USASK from the drop down options
  • Friendly Name: desktopgw

enter information

9. Click Save.

10. Close the Preferences window by clicking the red x in the top left corner:

red x

11. Click the + icon and select Desktop

enter information

12. Enter in the following information:

  • PC Name: type in the network name of the windows computer you want to remote desktop into
  • User Account: select USASK from the drop down list

+ -> Desktop

13. Click Show More.

14. Under the General tab, for Gateway select desktopgw from the drop down list

enter information

15. Click Save

16. Double left click on the saved desktop.

double left click saved desktop

17. If prompted about a certificate, click Continue


18. You should now connect and log into the windows computer.

19. For further assistance, please contact the ICT Service Desk.

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