Anyconnect VPN Set-up Guide - Mac OS 10.10-10.13

This Anyconnect VPN software is for Apple OS 10.10.x to OS 10.13.

This software is controlled by license and is to be used for connecting to the University of Saskatchewan only. Use of this software for any other purpose or providing it to a third party under any conditions is prohibited.

To use the U of S VPN service your Network Services ID (NSID) must be added to the VPN user list. Please contact your local IT support staff or the ICT Service Desk.

Step 1. System requirements
Step 2. Obtain the software
Step 3. Install the software
Step 4. Connect Securely to the U of S

1. System Requirements

  • This VPN software is Apple OS 10.10.x to 10.13.

  • It requires 16 MB of free hard disk space.

  • You must have administrator privileges on your computer.

2. Obtain the Software

download file

You will be asked for your NSID to login to the download area for this software. 

3. Install the Software

  • Double click the anyconnect-4.5.01044.dmg file that you downloaded above.

download file

  • Double click the AnyConnect.pkg installer:


  • Press Continue:


  • Press Continue:


  • Press Agree:

press agree

  • UNCHECK the boxes for Web Security, AMP Enabler, Diagnostics and Reporting Tool, Posture, ISE Posture, Network Visibility, Umbrella Roaming Security
  • Leave the box for VPN CHECKED
  • Press Continue:


  • Press Install


  • Press your computer admin username and password:

enter admin username and password

  • When the installer has finished, press Close

press close

Connecting to

  • Open the Anyconnect software in your Applications folder:

open anyconnect

  • For Ready to connect, type in

  • Press Connect

type in

  • for Group, select 1-UofS

  • for Username, type in your NSID

  • for password, type in your NSID password

  • Press OK

enter nsid and password

  • To Disconnect, click the Anyconnect icon in top menu and select Disconnect:

press disconnect from the any connect icon in top menu

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For additional assistance, please contact the ICT Service Desk.

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