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Wired Network

Numbered wall plates provide access to the U of S network providing access to services such as voice and video systems, electronic mail, shared documents and printers and the internet.

Getting Started

Access the Network

Wired connections are provided on numbered wall plates, with a potential capacity of four network ports. Existing wired ports may not all be active on the U of S network.

Requesting Additional Wired Network Service

Basic wired network service is provided without charge to base-funded units.  Additional service requests are subject to network availability.  Basic service requests and queries should be submitted to the ICT Service Desk, and include the wall plate ID and port number.
The U of S network is a managed resource and all requests for network service should be made using the following principles: ICT may re-deploy network ports that have been inactive for a period of 18 months. Reasonable effort will be made to notify affected users when re-deployment is necessary to effectively and efficiently manage network resources.
Multiple port activation requests (generally more than 4), renovations and projects are handled on a per-case basis. Please contact for price quotes beyond basic network service.

Register Wired Devices

Students, instructors, researchers and employees at the U of S must register their personal desktop computers and laptops by following these steps:
  1. Connect the device to the campus network using an Ethernet port (network jack).
  2. Start up a web browser (e.g. Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome).
  3. Use your NSID to log in to the U of S self-registration webpage that appears automatically when you start up a web browser. (If the self-registration webpage does not appear the device may already be registered. If you are unable to access webpages on the Internet please contact the ICT Service Desk.)
When the network receives a web request from an unregistered device it will automatically display the U of S self-registration webpage. After registering your computer or laptop reboot it before attempting to access the network.

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Quality of Service

Quality of service is a network control mechanism to provide priority service to real time protocol (RTP) data packets like Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) in congested network environments. 

During periods of network congestion, quality of service helps to reduce the latency or jitter impact on the delivery of RTP application packets across the network.

The quality of service can only be provided to resources under the U of S network services domain. End points requiring the use of resources outside the domain of network services are subject to the availability of the resources.

Traffic Shaping

In order to provide reasonable service to all university students, faculty, and staff Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are used to connect to the Internet. Traffic to and from our ISPs must be managed to maintain service.

Traffic shaping is a process of controlling network traffic between the Internet and the U of S network. It has been employed to prioritize network traffic so service levels are maintained and network access is fair.

Guidelines for traffic shaping are as follows:

  1. P2P (peer to peer) file sharing will be limited to a fraction of the available bandwith and will be further limited during times of congestion.
  2. Applications that are sensitive to network congestion due to speed, timing, and delay-such as voice and video-- are given the highest priority.
  3. All other traffic will be granted fair access to the remainder of available bandwidth.


Register Printers and Servers

Manual registration is required for new printers and servers to connect to the wired network.

Printers and servers must be registered by the owner or a department IT support staff member. To register your printer or server, please complete the online Registration Form

Change Network Registration Information

To change the ownership of a device, or to create a custom DNS Hostname for the device, please complete the Modify: Changes except MAC action of the online Registration Form

Network Ordering and Billing Information

To order wireless or wired network connections for your college or department, please send the request to the ICT Service Desk.

The process for online ordering is currently in development.


Your computer name is useful for troubleshooting network problems. Find Your Computer Name.

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