Wireless - Set-up Guide Windows 8-8.1

The following wireless set-up instructions are for computers with the Windows 8 and 8.1 operating systems.

NOTE: Please make sure that your Windows Operating System has all the "important" updates installed and that your wireless adaptor driver is up-to-date.  For assistance updating the driver on your wireless adaptor, please contact your computer's vendor or the ICT Service Desk.

Step 1: 

  • From Windows Start Menu, select Desktop:

select desktop

  •  then click on the wireless icon in bottom right corner of your task bar:

click the wifi symbol in bottom right corner of desktop

Step 2:

  • Select uofs-secure.

select uofs-secure

Step 3:

  • Check box for Connect Automatically then press Connect.

press connect

Step 4:

  • Type in your username as USASK\NSID (i.e. USASK\abc123) 
  • Type in your NSID password 
  • Press OK.

enter USASK\NSID and Password

Step 5: 

  •  Press Connect.

press continue

Step 6:

  • uofs-secure should say connected as below.


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