How to Setup UofS Office 365 Email in Apple Mail

NOTE: You must setup your account after it was migrated to Office365

1. Click the Apple icon in top left corner of your screen and select System Preferences.

open system preferences

2. Click Internet Accounts.

open internet accounts

3. If you had your UofS email setup already before your account was migrated to Office365, you will need to:

A) Remove the existing setup:

  • select your existing UofS email account from the list of accounts
  • click the minus (-) icon in the bottom left corner
  • click OK when prompted to confirm removal of the account

B) Add your UofS account by:

  • Click the plus (+) icon in the bottom left corner to add a new one

add another email account

NOTE: if you have not added any email accounts yet you can skip to Step 4

4. Click Exchange in the right-side column for the type of account you want to add

select exchange

5.. Type in the below information:

  • your name
  • your email address as (i.e. 
  • your NSID password

6. Click Sign In

7. Type in your User Name as (i.e.

8. Click Sign In 

9. If asked for:

(New versions of Mac OS X)

  • Server, type in

(Older versions of Mac OS X)


10. Click Sign In or Continue

11. Make sure all apps are checked and click Done


12. Close Internet Accounts by click the red circle in top left corner of the Internet Account's window

close internet accounts

13. Open Apple Mail

open apple mail

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