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You can use iUsask to get real-time information quickly and easily. Available on iOS and Android devices, iUsask is interactive and features library hours, class locations, and options such as viewing grades, computer lab availability and campus webcams.

Getting Started

Download iUsask for iOS

The U of S app for iOS is designed for both iPhone and iPad devices. You must download iUsask from the iTunes store.  

Download iUsask for Android

The U of S app for Android is designed for mobile devices running on an Android platform. You must download iUsask from the Google Play store.

Personalized Information 

The “Me” icon allows you to access your PAWS announcements and PAWS bulletins on the go, as well as class information such as your schedule, grades and final exams.

iusask me

To access personalized information in iUsask:
  1. Select the “Meicon from the bottom of your screen.
  2. From here you can access your:
    • Announcements
    • Bulletins
    • Classes
    • Course Evaluations

Learn More

Campus Information

The “Campus” icon takes you to information about a variety of services on campus.

iusask campus info

To access campus information in iUsask:
  1. Select the “Campus” icon from the bottom of your screen.
  2. Select the service you want to browse:
    • News - Keep up-to-date with news from the U of S, as well as news about the Huskies, the University Learning Centre, the USSU, Alumni and more.
    • Dates & Events - Access the university calendar for important dates and events.
    • Map - Find restaurants, museums, galleries, libraries, shops and buildings on campus using the interactive map.
    • Directory - Find people in the U of S telephone book and email directory using the new directory search.
    • Library - Access the library catalogue on the go, as well as find out contact information, location and hours for the various branches.
    • Computer Labs - Check the availability of computers for over 20 computer labs across campus.
    • Webcams - See webcams of the Bowl, the College Building and the Health Sciences Building.


In “Settings”, you can customize the items you see in iUsask, including news you receive and webcams and class-related information you see.

iusask settings

To access settings in iUsask:
  1. Select the "Settings" icon from the bottom of your screen.
  2. Slide to "On" for items you want to see on your home page.


iUsask Help

The “Help” icon in iUsask provides support from within the app.

iusask help

Access iUsask help:
  1. Select the “Help” icon at the bottom of your screen.
  2. Here you can choose the area where you need assistance:
    • Email setup - Find instructions on how to add your U of S email account.
    • Wi-Fi setup - Find information on how to connect to the U of S Wi-Fi network.
    • Help contacts - Learn where to get help for academic enquiries or technical support.
    • Feedback - To continue improving iUsask, send feedback from directly within the app.

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