PAWS Targeted Announcements

PAWS Targeted Announcements

PAWS targeted announcements are sent to you based on your role(s)—whether student, faculty, staff or alumni, in a specific program, taking a specific course, part of a committee or group or having special status (as an international or Aboriginal student, for example). 

Colleges and divisions have designated individuals who are authorized to approve and post information using PAWS targeted announcements.

To request that a PAWS announcement be sent by one of these targeted announcers, please email

Announcements can be sent to you in three ways:

  • Content feed in PAWS, alongside bulletins and other news items
  • Email
  • Text message to your mobile device

U of S Text Messaging

One of the U of S announcement channels is via text messaging.  

Text messages are opt in; only those who sign up to receive announcements by text message will get U of S Announcement texts sent to their mobile devices.

To opt in:

  • Log in to PAWS.

  • Click the gear icon next to “All Messages”.

  • Choose the “Text message settings” link under “Announcements” to opt in or change your mobile number or carrier information.

PAWS text message

  • You will be redirected to MyProfile.

  • Click the Edit link for SMS Text Notifications.

  • Type in your Mobile Number.

  • Select your Carrier from the drop down list.

  • Click Save Changes.

Note: By siging up for U of S text messages, you are automatically signed up for text messages sent via PAWS as well as the PAWS password self-recovery service (giving you the option to receive a password recovery reset code in the event that you lose or forget your NSID password).

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