PAWS Groups

PAWS groups allows you to interact with other members of the PAWS community for academic, administrative or general-interest purposes through file sharing, announcements, email, message boards, calendars or online chat.

You must have a valid NSID to access PAWS groups.

Access PAWS groups

  1. Log in to PAWS.
  2. Click the Groups icon at the top of the menu.
    paws menu groups
  3. PAWS Groups will open in a separate window.
    paws groups window

Once you are in your PAWS Groups homepage you will have access to three tabs:

  • My Groups: View and access the groups to which you already belong.
  • Groups Index: View an index listing all groups in PAWS (except for hidden groups) and search for groups to join.
  • Request Group: Request the creation of a new group.
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