PAWS Online Elections

The following official university groups may run their online elections through PAWS:

  • Student Societies
  • Student Unions and Associations
  • University Council
  • University Senate
  • Board of Governors

Responsibilities and Timelines

PAWS now offers a self-service elections tool. Once you have entered your election information, including election title and description, dates and a description of eligible voters, you will submit it for approval by an elections administrator.

To guarantee that the PAWS team can accommodate your election request, please submit your election details at least one week prior to the start of your election. You must either be able to accurately define your voter selection criteria (for example, all students in a particular college) or provide a complete list of eligible voters.

There is no cost for the online election service. Requests from non-qualifying groups will not be considered.

Election Process

On the day and time your election is set to start, all eligible voters will have access to the election channel in PAWS. This channel appears in the main PAWS menu under the heading, "Vote."

paws vote menu

Additionally, your election will appear in PAWS as a larger "sticky" announcement at the top of the main PAWS feed and will not disappear until dismissed by individual users (with "Vote now" or "No thanks" buttons) or the close of the election.

You may also wish to send an email announcement to your eligible voters, directing them to log in to PAWS to vote. Please email your announcement request at least two business days prior to the start of the election, including title, body and whom to contact for further information, to

At the close of the election, you may view your election results from within the online election tool by clicking the View Results button.

Request an Online Election

To begin the online election process and get support, visit the PAWS Online Elections tool.

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