Office Printing and Photocopying

University of Saskatchewan colleges and departments have access to centrally-provided office copiers and printers as part of the ICT Print Enhancement Program. Designed to offer a consistent print environment for students, faculty and staff, the unified approach to print services offers many benefits to university departments including; a reduction to the total cost of ownership for copier, printer and fax devices; predictable and measurable operational costs and improved customer support service levels.

In addition to providing high-efficiency multifunction devices for print, copy, scan, fax and network printers, the Print Enhancement Program offers the following list of services;

  • Printing device asset management of office print equipment
  • Customer support and training for department staff and faculty
  • Analysis and reporting of printing costs, asset effectiveness and sustainability
  • Proactive toner replacement
  • On-site maintenance services
  • Extended technical support through the ICT Service Desk

ICT is contacting university departments to discuss the Print Enhancement Program and to assist with assessing departmental printing needs. Once the initial assessment is complete, ICT along with our strategic print partner WBM will provide a mutually agreed on print enhancement program tailored to meet the needs of the department.

Learn more about ICT Print Enhancement Program through the FAQ page. For more information about the program, please contact ICT Licensing and Acquisitions at

Recycle Your Toner

Recycling your used toner cartridges is easy.

  1. Place your used toner cartridge into the empty box from the new cartridge. This service can be used for recycling all types of cartridges (Xerox, HP, Lexmark).
  2. Tape the box closed and mark on it that it is used (so it doesn’t get mixed in with new cartridges).
  3. Drop used toners off at the ICT Store (within the Campus Computer Store, 20 Place Riel)
  4. If you do not want to drop off the toners links for sending toners directly back to the manufacturers can be found at:
    1. Xerox -
    2. Lexmark -
    3. HP -

Please note: Used cartridges cannot be sent through campus mail as the ink could leak from the cartridge onto the mail.

If you're interested in learning more about the ICT Print Enhancement Program, please contact ICT Licensing and Acquisitions at
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