Print From Your Laptop – Mac

You can print to any CPAS printer from your personal laptop via the uofs-secure wireless network or a wired port if you know the name of the printer.

1. Click the Apple icon in top left corner

2. Select System Preferences


3. Depending on your version of Apple OS, open Printing Preferences by clicking:

Print & Scan (10.7-10.10)  print and scan

 Printers & Scanners (10.11)   printers and scanners

4. Add a new printer by pressing the + button in bottom right corner and selecting Add Printer or Scanner

add printer

5. Add Advance to the toolbar (if it's not there already) by right clicking (or Control - Left Clicking) on the toolbar and selecting Customize Toolbar


6. Select Advanced, drag it to an open spot (grey area) on the toolbar (i.e. to the right of the Windows icon), and drop it there.

drag advanced to tool menu bar

7. Click Done


8. Click Advanced

9. For Type select Windows printer via spoolss



a) For URL type in: smb:// of printer

(i.e: smb://

b) For Name, enter the printer's name or location so you know which printer it is.

c) For Print Using, select Generic PostScript Printer

Printer select

d) Click Add

11. Depending on the printer you are adding, you may be prompted about the printer's option. Enable Duplex Printing Unit if prompted.


12. Send a print job to the printer. You should see a password box asking for Name and password.

a) Change the Name to: your NSID (i.e. abc123)

b) and the password to: your NSID password as in the example below:


c )Click OK

NOTE: If you do not see the password dialogue come up that means you have already stored the username and password for in your Apple Keychain.  If you change your NSID password, you will need to remove the previous password from your Apple Keychain in order to enter the new password by:

- click the Spotlight icon (magnifying glass) in top right corner

- typing in Keychain Access and pressing Return on your keyboard

- click All Items in left side menu

- typing in in Keychain Access's search box in top right 

- selecting and pressing Delete or Backspace on your keyboard

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