Print From Your Laptop – Windows

You can print to any CPAS printer from your personal laptop via the wireless network or a wired port if you know the name of the printer.

NOTE: It is not possible to print to a CPAS printer from a mobile device using Window RT.

Step 1: Select the Windows Search box and type \\ then select the "\\ Run command" option (see below)

Step 1

Step 2: Log in to the printing service. If you are prompted for a username and password do the following.

  • For your username, type "usask\NSID" (i.e. usask\abc123)
  • Enter the password for your NSID and select OK

Step 2

Step 3: Double click on the appropriate printer and wait for it to be added to your machine.

Printer select

Step 4: If you have successfully added the printer to your machine you will see a print queue dialog.


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