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Electronic Laboratory Notebooks (ELNs)

Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELNs) are a service that permits research teams to have a centrally located service to store the logs normally kept in research log books.

As outlined in the policy on responsible conduct of research, researchers are required to keep appropriate records of research activity. The ELN provides a convenient method to do that, using the same computers that you now use to gather your data and write your lab notes. This service also allows you to access your research from anywhere you can access the internet, giving you flexibility of access. The records stored in the ELN will be time stamped. They also will not be deleted. The ELN acts as a lab notebook that can't be flooded, burned or torn up, giving you security in its storage.

The records stored in the ELN can be searched for and discovered more easily than in paper form.

ICT has contracted a service with LabArchives to permit University of Saskatchewan researchers to use ELNs on the LabArchives service.

Getting started

Contact Research Computing at to get information on the use of the service and to be enabled for accessing your ELNs.

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