Research Computing Facility (RCF)

Location: Thorvaldsen Building Spinks Tower, Room S404

ICT Research Computing is pleased to offer a data-center facility to eligible members of the university’s research community to provide free-of-charge hosting computational equipment. The service includes: secure access to the facility; rack-space for computational equipment; power and cooling for computational equipment; access to data-center network switch connected to University network.

The facility itself provides 890 square feet of total floor space and currently houses 18 racks for computational equipment, with 7 racks presently occupied. There is space available to house 6 additional racks. Diagram below shows current rack layout and available space for expansion:

CRF Layout

Research computing facility (RCF) has a fire suppression system, thermal overload shut-down; temperature/humidity control and alarm monitoring. Its total electrical power capacity is 240 KW; cooling capacity is over 1,000,000 BTU/h or 85 RT (tons of refrigeration). 

Existing racks provide at least 42 rack units (RU) of capacity for equipment and limited by default to 6.2 KW of electrical load per rack. This is equal to, approximately, a full rack of general purpose servers with a 500 W power supply in each. Each rack has at least one 30 A power distribution unit (PDU) and, optionally, one 6 KVA uninterruptable power supply (UPS). UPS is provided as a unit only without support or battery replacement service.  By default, each rack has 4 network 1 Gbps ports for access to University’s network, however this number can be adjusted upon request. Additionally, a limited number of 10 Gbps fiber connections available, subject to utilization. Total facility’s network connectivity capacity is 20 Gbps, with ability to expand to 40 Gbps.

Access to the RCF is controlled by Campus Security and available to access-card holders only. To enter AND exit the RCF access- card must be swiped at card reader, however an override pull-station is available inside the facility for an emergency exit. Access-cards are issued to designated individuals by ICT Research Computing.

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