MATLAB is available on the compute cluster Plato. To use the program properly, you should load the module for it:

module load matlab/R2015a 

To have this environemnt set up for every time you login, give the command:

module initadd matlab/R2015a  matlab/mcr

While the MATLAB graphical user interface can be accessed via X11, it may be best to use the program without graphics, using the command:

matlab -nodisplay

It would be best to validate your environment via the GUI need to use X11 server - e.g. Mac OS X or Linux or with a third party Windows server)

The MATLAB Compiler will permit you to run MATLAB programs without the overhead of starting MATLAB (and the need to check out licenses). This is the recommended approach. To run the compiler, the following steps need to be followed:

  1. Debug your program interactively with MATLAB, to ensure it works properly.
  2. Copy the .m file (or files) to the HPC computer.
  3. Load the module required
  4. Compile the program using mcc. For example,
    mcc -R -nodisplay -R -singleCompThread -m myfile.m
  5. Create a single script file (e.g. Plato – Sample Script) for each job
  6. Use
    to submit each job.
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