Moneta (Re-purposed)

Moneta has been re-purposed as Windows-based server in October 2017. It has been done, primarily, to provide a system with Windows-based software stack. Because Moneta's hardware is no longer supported by vendor and is provided to users on best-effort basis. ICT Research Computing recommends using Plato cluster instead.

Access to Moneta is granted upon request via Remote Desktop Connection protocol. Contact regarding access requests. 


  • Four Intel Xeon E7430 Quad-core processors (16 cores total)
  • 256 GB of RAM
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • 500GB of storage for storing intermediate calculations


OS: Microsoft Server 2012R2

User Software:

  • ANSYS 15
  • Maple 2017, 2018
  • miRNA Digger
  • SAS
  • TASSEL 5
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