Training Infrastructure (Moneta, Socrates, Zeno)

There are advanced computing systems available to you primarily for training purposes; they can also be used to conduct research if no training is scheduled.

Note: Click on each title for more details including specifications, software and information about running jobs.

  • Moneta is a single computer designed for tasks that require a large amount of memory.
  • Socrates is a computing cluster designed for parallel computing.
  • Zeno is a computing cluster that supports high-performance networking for highly parallel jobs, and GPU computing.

You can use these training systems for:

  • teaching courses on parallel programming and algorithms;
  • teaching courses that require software that uses parallel or GPU computing;
  • teaching courses that use large data sets or parametric spaces;
  • training highly qualified personnel on HPC techniques and applications, including high performance networking;
  • developing and debugging software to be used on WestGrid, Compute Canada or other large scale HPC facilities;
  • training yourself on advanced concepts;
  • conducting research.


  • We do not provide commercial software licenses. You must arrange for and provide the licenses and media to ICT for installation.
  • We cannot provide assistance to students for classwork. See the Support tab for information on training courses provided by ICT Training Services.
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