CV Management System

As a faculty member or instructor in a participating college, you can use the CVMS to enter, store, maintain and publish your curriculum vitae. The system is secure, supports integration with other U of S systems and offers multiple publishing formats.

Getting Started

CVMS Login

When you first connect to CVMS you will be prompted to enter your NSID and password. You will then be taken to the opening page of the application.

If you are not present in the database of users you will need to speak to your department or college administrator to arrange for access.

CVMS Eligibility

Any college at the U of S can adopt the CV Management System. Once a college adopts the CVMS, all of its faculty and instructors have access to the system.

The CVMS is not available to instructors who are not part of a participating college; however, it is possible for a college to adopt the CVMS for some of its departments.

While individual faculty members can benefit from the CVMS even without full college participation, the full benefits of the centralized system will be seen at the department level only when all faculty and other instructors use the system.

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Benefits of the CVMS

  • Secure and easy to use.
  • Allows access from anywhere.
  • Single point of data entry reduces the need to maintain separate CVs in differing formats.
  • Ability to choose how, when and to whom CVs will be published.
  • CV data can be entered by CV owner or delegated individual.
  • Multiple approval levels ensure security and accuracy.
  • Entering legacy data is optional, meaning departments and colleges can decide how much information needs to be entered and schedule appropriate time and resources.
  • Publication citations can be imported from EndNote-formatted and RefMan-formatted files. Such files come from desktop applications, some from online citation management applications like RefWorks.
  • The U of S Comprehensive CV and Form 1 can be produced as PDF, HTML, and MS-Word documents.
  • Access to CV samples and best practices documentation, including information on converting or transferring existing publication references into the CVMS.
  • Support of the production of academic activity reports suitable for use in department and college planning and reporting.

CVMS Publishing Formats

CVs can be published in multiple formats such as:

  • Comprehensive CV
  • CV Form 1 for yearly reporting
  • Industry standard CV
  • Research grant CV



If you are having problems accessing CVMS or with your role and privileges in CVMS contact the department administrator for your unit or the college administrator for your college.

For problems with the CVMS application contact the technical support team.

For more information on the CVMS visit the CVMS wiki.

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