Research Data Management

To help preserve your data throughout the research life-cycle there are services being developed to support the planning process as well as the sharing and protection of your data.

Getting Started

Data Management Planning

Funding bodies increasingly require applicants and grant-holders to develop and implement data management plans.

Plans typically state what data will be created and how; outline the plans for sharing and preservation; and indicate any restrictions that may need to be applied.

Our analysts will collaborate with ICT Security, Research Ethics and the Library to assist you in creating a comprehensive data management plan.

Data Management Plans:

  • Help researchers comply with restrictions on the data they collect or use.
  • Facilitate making research data easy to find and accessible.
  • Ensure research data is backed-up properly so it isn't lost should a researcher's computer fail.
  • Help researchers easily share data with their team or collaborators.
  • Ensure data isn't orphaned when a researcher leaves and can be quickly found and understood years later.
  • Help assure granting agencies, auditors and inspectors that the institution appropriately handles sensitive research data.
  • Address any issues with research data to avoid complications further on in the process.

To discuss creating a data management plan, contact Research Computing Consulting.


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