Globus is a software system designed for fast and reliable transfer of many files and / or large files. It also enables sharing of large datasets with people outside of University of Saskatchewan.

Why use Globus?

  • Transfer many files at once (more than a thousand)
  • Transfer large amounts of of data (Gigabytes to Petabytes)
  • Retry and continue transfers after interuption (error or offline, network issue, close laptop lid, run out of space etc.)
  • Verify files after transfer
  • Share data with collaborators outside the University of Saskatchewan
  • Transfer data between University of Saskatchewan / Compute Canada / WestGrid systems

Globus' documentation on transfers is at:

Sign into Globus

The first step to using Globus is to sign in using an existing or new account on the local Globus transfer point:

You can use your university NSID account (used to log into paws for example) or many other options. You can also log into multiple different accounts and link them together. See here for details about linking accounts.

Using a University of Saskatchewan NSID to log into Globus

From the dropdown menu you can use your NSID. Find the "University of Saskatchewan" option in the list, then click continue.

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It will take you to a Paws login screen where you can use your university NSID. (You may not see this if you are logged in on another authenticated page on campus.)

Paws login

After you have logged in Globus will ask for your consent to access the details of your account with a page such as this:

Consent page

If you agree to the terms, click on the "Allow" button and you will be taken to the transfer page and can start transferring files. See [Using Globus] for insructions on how to use Globus.

You can also sign in using a Compute Canada, WestGrid, Google or Globus account. To find out more details see the page Other Accounts with Globus. You can also link together accounts so that logging into one account gets the access the other accounts have. For more information see the linking accounts page.

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