REDCap Surveys

This service allows researchers to build and manage online surveys and databases. It is specifically designed to support data capture for research studies. Researchers can use the software without arranging their own license.

Getting Started

Access To REDCap

  1. See the "Learn More" tab to ensure you understand the local implementation of REDCap.
  2. Principal Investigator (PI) must fill out the Agreement Form (NSID required).
  3. Once confirmed, the PI will receive a confirmation email authorizing the use of the USask REDCap service.

Learn More

Terms of Service

  • To comply with the terms under which REDCap is licensed from Vanderbilt University, we need to ensure that:
    • [REMOVED - Only employees of the U of S use the service for developing projects. The PI for a project is responsible for ensuring that the accounts requested for access to REDCap are only U of S employed researchers under his or her supervision.]
    • ADDED - Collaborators from external institutions (non-employees) are permitted to be users on projects created and led by USask employees. They may perform any tasks (instrument administrators, developers...) related to these projects but are not permitted to create and run their own projects on the USask RedCap system.
    • Use of REDCap is for non-commercial use only.
  • U of S Research Ethics has indicated that projects using the REDCap software should have patient/participant data de-identified prior to entry into REDCap.
  • Research Ethics approval will be required prior to the release of any projects to be used on the service. While you can create, develop and test a project within REDCap, the final step of releasing the project requires a copy of the ethics approval to be emailed to
  • To change users who can access a project, the PI must email This way, the PI is responsible for who has access to the project and access to the service is restricted to those who need it.


  • Access to the software (for anything except entering data using forms) can only be provided to U of S employees, as a condition of our license. Most graduate students are being paid by the university via scholarships, teaching fellowships or research funds.
  • Instrument developers, adminsitrators and collaborators are required to have an NSID to use the software.
  • Study participants are not required to have an NSID.


  • As the data is stored on a machine that is accessible from the network, it is best practice that any personal data is “anonymous”, “anonymized”, or “coded” (TCPS2 definitions).
  • Our servers and server rooms are NOT certified as secure for HIPA compliance.


  • We anticipate no charges for use of this service. However, if there are users with needs we have not anticipated in terms of support needed, scale of the research, etc. we may need to negotiate some sharing of exceptional expenses with the PI.

Citing REDCap in Publications


General Support

For assistance using REDCap, please email

Please note:

  • Support is limited to the installation and configuration of the software.
  • We do not provide support for using the software (creating forms, etc.). Documentation and recorded training are available online from Project REDCap.
  • We will facilitate a user self-support group by releasing names of users willing to help others.
  • Client services has access to REDCap's technical support, researchers do not (this is REDCap's regulation).
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