WestGrid Collaboration and Visualization Facility

You should consider using the WestGrid facility if your research project requires you to collaborate with someone in another location, utilize remote collaboration for academic defences or visualize your data in 3D.

Book the Facility

The WestGrid Collaboration and Visualization Facility is located in Room 2D71 in the Agriculture building and is available during core business hours: weekdays from 8:30 am – 4:30 pm. It can be used by instructors, researchers, employees, grad students and instructors designates.

In its standard configuration, the facility comfortably seats 12-14; however, with advanced notice it can be reconfigured to accommodate 20-25.

To book the facility please email WestGridRoomBooking@usask.ca. Note that one week's notice is required so staff can arrange services to best meet your needs. Alternatively, you can book the room online.

westgrid visualization facility

About the Facility

Research Collaboration Resources

The facility supports research by providing the following state-of-the-art collaboration resources:

  • 19-foot wide screen
  • High-definition H.323 video conferencing system
  • High resolution digital projectors
  • 94-inch SMART board

3D Visualization

A stereo-optical projection system, and a high performance visualization workstation equipped with a NVIDIA Tesla graphics card are provided at the facility.

Researchers have access to several visualization packages, including Avizo and ParaView. A suite of research computing packages, including ArcGIS, Mathematica, and MATLAB, are also installed.

It is also possible to use WestGrid’s central visualization computational resources in the facility.

Academic Defences

Video conferencing for your academic defences is a tool that is readily available and supported at the facility.

A minimum of two weeks’ notice is required if you plan to use the facility for your academic defence; the more notice, the better. The support staff use this time to accommodate the candidate’s presentation requirements, and to coordinate testing with remote participants.

Facility Support

Once you have booked the WestGrid facility, support staff will contact you and to help you with the technical details and will set up and test the connections with remote participants.

The support staff can provide training on how to best use the facility for your research needs.

For support, contact WestGridRoomBooking@usask.ca

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