SaskTel Mobility Contract

The U of S has negotiated a 5-year contract for SaskTel Mobility Services effective May 31, 2017.  Hardware and Service requirements are available through the university’s preferred supplier:  The Wireless Age.
Changes to the new service agreement include:
  • Free long distance (Canada to Canada & the United States).  Previously, we paid per minute or could pay $8/month for unlimited.
  • Free voicemail to text (value of $4 per month) - Learn how to activate this feature on the Voicemail Set Up page.
  • Voice access will increase from $18 to $21.50
  • Unlimited data package for smartphones will decrease from $25 to $23.50
  • For mobile internet devices like MiFi mobile hotspots, the Mobile Internet Unlimited Plan will be replaced with an 8GB plan for most accesses.  Existing unlimited users will be moved to 8GB plan. Data overage rate is $0.03 per MB.

Other significant changes to be aware of:

  • The device upgrade eligibility period has changed from 18 months to 36 months. If an existing device was eligible for an upgrade prior to May 31, 2017, the device is still eligible for an upgrade. If the device had time remaining in the previous eligibility period, the device would now be eligible after that amount of time plus an additional 18 months. Example: if, on May 31, there were 7 months remaining, the device will be eligible for an upgrade in 25 months (existing 7 months plus additional 18 months).  All NEW devices will have a 36-month upgrade eligibility period.
  • When you cancel your phone or transfer to a personal contract, termination charges will apply for all devices that are not yet eligible for an upgrade, which will be charged back to the CFOAPAL that is on record for that device.

Who is eligible?
The SaskTel Mobility Contract is a Corporate Service Plan for instructors, employees, and researchers at the university. This plan is not available for personal use. If you had SaskTel mobility service for business under our corporate agreement, your plan was automatically transitioned to the new contract features.

All mobility charges are posted monthly to a CFOAPAL account in the university’s UniFi system, through internal billing procedures set up with SaskTel. On a monthly basis, you should review your bill on PAWS to ensure that you are not being charged anything else outside your plan. If you see charges that are not familiar, or beyond what you should be paying, please contact Telephone Services. Please refer to your monthly invoice for a complete description of applied features and ensure that you are on the data, text and calling plan that suits your professional requirements.  

Your phone has many features/tools that are not included in our corporate rates. Please be sure you understand all features/tools and where additional charges could be applied. See SaskTel for additional information.

As a university employee, you are responsible for the use and charges on your phone. All expenditures charged to the university are subject to audit. If you terminate employment with the university, please advise Telephone Services via email with the date employment ended, cell phone number, your name, and return the device to your respective College/Department/Unit.

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