Travelling with Your Mobile

SaskTel Spending Limits replace Data Capping

As of Nov 28th, 2017, mobile data charges in Canada and data roaming charges are no longer being capped; you will no longer receive notifications about data caps and you will not be able to request to have data caps applied.  You must keep in mind that you are responsible for the data roaming charges that you incur.

The alternative is setting Spending Limits per device.  A spending limit is a cap on all the charges for your device, including monthly recurring charges, usage and overage charges (airtime, long distance, text messages, data), and taxes.

All university SaskTel Mobility accounts have had a $150 monthly spending limit applied. You can check your current mobile data use by following these instructions.

Any increase to the spending limit must be arranged through Telephone Services.  Do not contact SaskTel as they will not be able to assist you

How it works

This will cap all charges for your device, including monthly recurring charges, usage and overage charges (airtime, long distance, text messages, data), and taxes.  Notifications will be sent to customers when they are approaching their monthly spending limit. If you reach your spending limit, services (such as roaming data, MMS messaging, or voicemail to text) will be turned off.  You will still be able to make and receive calls, check your voicemail and use services that are included in our corporate plans such as unlimited texting in North America or any subscribed amount of mobile data.

Temporary top-ups when you hit your limit

To restore service immediately, you can make a spending limit top-up payment through the SaskTel website. This payment requires a credit card.  Reimbursements for charges against credit cards will need to be submitted via an Expense claim to your College or Administrative Unit.

Proactively, if you think you might require an increase in the monthly spending limit please contact Telephone Services at 306-966-4567 or email during regular business hours, Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Wireless Travel Rates and Add-Ons

Find additional talk, data and text options you require for travel with SaskTel’s Travel Add-Ons (PDF).  

If you are planning on travelling, please contact Telephone Services at least a week prior to your departure to coordinate options for traveling with your mobile device.

Wireless Charges While Travelling Internationally 

The U of S corporate cell plan does not affect international travel. All international travel is under the same rules and rates as all SaskTel customers, and may be found on their International Roaming Availability and Rates

Tips for Travel 

  • Prior to leaving, do a web search for your device model to find instructions for 'disabling background data' to avoid unexpected data use by social media apps, games, cloud/photo backup services and app updates.
  • If you plan to use a map service while travelling, check if you can download some map info and store it on your device before leaving.
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