Voicemail Set-up

Before you retrieve messages from your VMS mailbox for the first time, you must set-up your mailbox and establish a password.

  1. From your cellular or landline, enter your ten-digit cell phone number (Enter 1 followed by your ten-digit cell number if you are outside your local calling area).
    • Press the Send button if you are calling from your cell phone.
    • Within Saskatchewan dial *99 from your cell phone.
  2. You will hear the following system greeting.
    “Hello, you have reached a SaskTel voice message mailbox. Please leave your message after the tone.”
    Press the 7 key during the system greeting (you must interrupt the greeting).
  3. You will be prompted to enter your temporary voicemail password followed by the # key. Your temporary password is your ten-digit cell number.
  4. You will hear the following message to enter a new password.
    • “In order to activate your account, you must create a new password and record your name and select your personal greeting. To activate please press any key”.
    • Please select a new password now, please enter your password followed by the # key”.
    • Please re-enter your password followed by the # key.
    NOTE: When choosing a new password, keep the following in mind:
    • Must be 4-15 digits long
    • Cannot begin with a zero (0)
    • Shouldn’t be easy to guess
  5. Follow the voice prompts to record your name.
    • “Record your name after the tone, when you are finished press #”.
    • “To listen to recorded name press 1, to re-record name press 2, to accept your recorded name press #”.
    • “Your name has been updated.”
  6. Follow the voice prompts to select either a system greeting or a personal greeting and any other options.
    • Please select the mailbox greeting callers will hear when they reach your mailbox. For system greeting press 1. For personal greeting press 2”.
    Once you choose a personal greeting you will not have the option of choosing a system greeting again.
  7. Once your mailbox has been activated the following message from SaskTel will be deposited.
    • “Hello and welcome to the SaskTel messaging service. With this powerful service you’ll now be able to send and review voicemail from any touch tone phone in the world, 24 hours-a-day, seven days a week”.
    • “With the SaskTel messaging service you’ll never miss a call. When you are away or busy, callers can leave you a message which you can retrieve at your convenience. You can also be notified by a phone call when someone leaves you an important message”.
  8. All mobile accounts are enrolled with the Voicemail to Text feature. To initiate the service, login to your Sasktel account voicemail settings, choose the Voice Mail to Text option, and enable the feature. 
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