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Blogs (

The multi-blog service provides a large number of blogs with a basic level of service to support the U of S’s academic, business and research efforts.

Getting Started

Log in to Wordpress

You can access Blogs by logging into the blog service with your NSID and password.

Request a blog

Fill out the Request A Blog form to request a new blog.


This service is not a standard, single user-blog and there are some limitations when you use a multi-blog:

  • Plugins must be installed on a global basis, by the central administrators of the server.
  • The plugin or theme must be multi-blog compatible.
  • Plugins that pose a security risk or interfere with the functioning of the service will not be installed. 
  • Themes must be installed by the central administrators. Individual blog administrators do not have privileges to install or update themes.
  • Themes must be multi-blog compatible and not pose any security risks.
  • There are pre-built themes to choose from as well as a university theme available.

Learn More

A comprehensive introduction to blogging can help you with the best ways to write your blog content and other tips for optimal viewing.


WordPress Design Service

We have a team of experienced WordPress designers who can provide you with custom design work. 

Themes designed by ICT are tested and guaranteed to work within the boundaries imposed by this service's multi-blog structure. 

Contact to discuss blog theme design.

If you want to design your own theme or have an external contractor design a theme you must work within the list of supported plugins and the theme must be tested for security and functionality on a multi-blog service.


In-person training on some aspects of web development is available through ICT Training Services.

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