Web Content Management System (WCMS)

The WCMS allows you to easily create, update and publish website content. Your college/department/unit can use the WCMS to create U of S websites.

Getting Started

Request Creation of a U of S Website

You must have authorization from your department to create a website using the U of S template.

  1. Email web@usask.ca and include the following details:

Build your U of S Website

  1. Become familiar with the following components:
    • Information Architecture & Content Development - This is especially important for understanding how to build your website navigation.
    • Template Elements - These provide the overall structure of your site. For example the header, footer, and navigation.
    • Navigation Elements – These describe in more detail the navigation elements included in the template.
    • Limestone Web Guide - Limestone Web Guide will help you craft and build a beautiful site using the University's latest HTML, CSS and Javascript framework.
    • Template Options – These describe the different options that can be implemented based on the needs of individual sites. For example, news, image-gallery, and profiles.
    • Once you have familiarized yourself with the components of a website, you can start implementing your site.
  2. See the Cascade User Guide to begin.

Learn More

Guidelines for Getting a "usask.ca" Web Address

All "usask.ca" web domain names must be approved by ICT. Good domain names will clearly communicate the main identity and/or purpose of a website while considering the broader concerns.

Colleges/departments/units eligible for web space may request a virtual domain. If possible, the domain should retain the "usask.ca" reference.

The rule for top-level web space and virtual domains is that general addresses should have general content. So, for example, www.usask.ca/events should be for all campus events, not just one college's events. Also, whenever possible, if www.usask.ca/<name> and <name>.usask.ca both exist, they should be equivalent (e.g. www.usask.ca/ict and ict.usask.ca).

Access for Editing Existing Sites

To request access to an existing site, authorization is required. This authorization must be sent by email from the college, department or unit head. It must verify which site you are to be given access to and include your NSID.  Requests should be sent as follows:

  • For sites managed in the WCMS, email web@usask.ca.
  • For sites managed directly on the www server, email the ICT Service Desk (servicedesk@usask.ca).
  • If your college has its own web server (i.e. Arts & Science, Edwards), contact the administrators of those servers.

After receiving a request, we will create the necessary account(s) for the people who will maintain the site and, in the case of a new site, create an area for the website.

If there is already a main webmaster for your college, department or unit, be sure to coordinate any website development and maintenance with that webmaster. Note: Department heads are ultimately responsible for any content on departmental webpages.

Editing Existing Sites

Most colleges/departments/units use the WCMS to maintain their websites. See the WCMS instructions for editing your content.

If your college/department/unit doesn’t use the WCMS, it is possible to access webpage files stored on www by mapping/mounting a drive to those files or by using Secure FTP.

Additional Resources for Creating Websites


WCMS support is provided during regular university business hours. Matters of an urgent nature will be addressed on a best-effort/case-by-case basis given the resources available, and the priority and/or scope of the issue. If you have a local IT department please contact them for assistance.


Training is typically coordinated with the launch of the site enabling people to being using their new skills immediately. Training can be done one-on-one or in small group settings; larger groups may be accommodated as facilities allow.

Training for the WCMS is provided by Training Services, and is intended for individuals responsible for maintaining content for websites in the WCMS.

  1. To request a training session, contact training@usask.ca, and include the following information:
  2. Specify that it's a request for WCMS training.
    • The site(s) the training is for.
    • The number of people that will be attending. Note: you must ensure that attendees have access to your site prior to the training session.
      • Contact your local IT department for account set up, or email web@usask.ca with the name, email address and NSID of each person(s) attending.
  3. For a refresher course once you have completed the initial training, you may attend the Refresher Seminar (note that these are scheduled as the list of requests grow, so please add your name to the notification list).


Adding One of the Template Options to Your Website

The template options are included in your website by default. Some may require activation and some are added using Wizards.

See Editing & Managing websites for instructions.

Getting an Error when trying to login to Cascade
  • 401 Authorization Required. Authentication has failed or needs to be provided
    • This usually occurs when your login attempt is refused by Cascade because you don't have an account. Please contact your site manager to have an account created, or email web@usask.ca. When submitting an email to web@usask.ca you'll need to include your NSID and the name of the website(s).

Note: a request does not guarantee access, and in some cases we will need to contact the site manager for verification.

  • 403 Forbidden. Your request was valid but server won't fulfill it. In other words, what you're trying to access does exist but the server thinks you don't have the necessary permissions
  • 500 Internal Server Error. This happens when something unexpected occurred and the server can't complete the request. In other words, there was a problem and the server isn't exactly sure how to handle it.
    • Please email web@usask.ca. You'll need to include your NSID, and whenever possible please describe the steps you took before the error occurred.
  • 503 Service temporarily unavailable.
    • This usually occurs when the WCMS is down for maintenance.
Server Status

From time to time‚ a network service may not be available. Sometimes these periods of unavailability are scheduled‚ in order that the service may be updated or reconfigured in some way. Sometimes these periods occur due to problems with the service. You can check the Web services status page to see if the web servers are operating normally.

Technical Support

Technical support is available from the WCMS Team. If issues cannot be resolved locally, the WCMS Team will escalate them to the vendor for assistance.

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