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Config Page Instructions

The Config Page is the main administration page for your site. It allows you to configure the site-wide elements for your site.

Click on the page named config from your asset tree (shown below).

select config page

The page will appear in the main window. As this is an administrative page, you will see some technical information. Ignore the technical information. Click the Edit tab.

config page

Choosing your Template Style

Templates control the layout of information on your site (e.g. the location of the navigation). There are ten styles (or "skins") for the template.

Select the style for you site from the pull down menu.

select style image

Template 1 has the following styles:


Version 1

Version 1

Version 2

Version 2

Version 3

Version 3

version 4

Version 4

version 5

Version 5

version 6

Version 6

version 7

Version 7

version 8

Version 8

version 9

Version 9

version 10

Version 10


Setting up Your Site's Header and Footer

Next you will need to set up the header (the banner across the top) and footer (the banner across the bottom) of your site. Some elements are required (e.g. name and description of your site), while others are optional. The header and footer appear on all pages in the site.


version 1 header


version 1 footer



Naming Your Site

In the Header section, there is text field where you can enter the name for your site. Naming your site is required (required fields are indicated by a red star). This may be your name or the name of the purpose of the site. A short bio or description of your site is also required. You may choose to include a secondary title and/or a profile image (see below for how to add the profile image). If you leave the non-required fields blank, they will not be displayed.


edit header
The name, secondary title and short bio/description will look as follows for Version 1.
text view of header


Adding a Profile Image to Your Header

The space for the profile image (headshot or some other image) fits images 280 pixels wide by 210 pixels tall. If your image is narrower than 280 pixels, it will be stretched to fill the space. If it is wider, it will be compressed into the space. More information about editing images is available elsewhere in this manual.

To add an image to your header, you will need to upload an image into the web content management system. Click on the "Profile Image" icon File Icon to open the file chooser. 

Profile Image Chooser


You should see the following window:

File chooser

Select the images folder and then click Upload in the blue navigation bar.

upload file chooser

Once you've selected the image, click the Confirm button.

confirm image selection

The file name will appear next to the Profile Image field. Click the Submit button to save your changes. Next, learn about publishing your config page.

Adding Contact Information to Your Footer

By default, your footer includes standard information including a credit fo the template design, the date the page was last modified and a link to the guidelines for using the individual webpage hosting service (Homepage). These standard elements are displayed as follows for Version 1.

default footer elements

Adding your contact information (name and email address) to the footer is optional. If you leave the fields blank, they will not be displayed.


config footer name
If you add your contact information, your name and email address will appear on the left side of the footer.
display footer name


Adding Social Media Links to Your Footer

Adding links to your social media sites (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter) to the footer is optional. If you leave the fields blank, they will not be displayed. You must include the full URL (e.g. http://www.facebook.com/usask) for your links to work. You may also toggle the "Share This" feature on or off.


config footer social media
If you add social media to your footer they will appear on the right side of the footer.
display footer social media


When you are done adding information to the config page, click the Submit button to save your changes.

footer configuration

Once you have set up your config page, you can create pages for your content.

Publishing your Config Page

Please Note: If you are just starting your site, you can continue creating content and when your site is ready you will need to publish the entire site. However, if you modify your config page after your site has been published, you will need to publish the entire site in order for your changes to the config page to take effect (e.g. changing the name or image for the site).

To publish your site, select the folder with your NSID, select the Publish Tab and click the Submit button. Learn more about publishing.

folder view


publish tab

Please Note: The config page is a fundamental element of the site. It is necessary for the proper operation of your site. Never delete this page.