Creating Content Using Content Wizards

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Cascade Server uses Content Wizards as an easy way to create new assets (folders, pages, files). Homepage sites have several Content Wizards accessible from the New menu.

new menu wizards

Page page icon

Pages are one of the most important asset types in the system. Pages publish HTML (hypertext markup language) to the website in addition to other formats. The "look and feel" of a page is defined by a the centrally-managed homepage template but the content is defined by your needs.There are four types of pages:

  • The "config" page controls some structural elements of your site. This is your administration page for your site and lets you manage elements such as the name of your site. This page is automatically created for you.
  • The "features" page allows you to highlight three areas of your site. This page s automatically created for you but can be enabled or disabled by you.
  • The "index" page is a structural element required by all websites. It acts as the landing page for each site.
  • The Page wizard lets you create all your other webpages with ease. Each page you create is automatically added to the navigation for your site.
Creating Pages

Folders folder icon

Folders are used to group related assets such as images and documents. You can use the folder wizard to create folders and subfolders to organize the images and documents you include in your site.

Creating Folders 

Files file icon

Files are usually unchangeable assets whose content cannot be edited within Cascade Server. These may be jpeg images, PDFs, Word documents or any other file types.There are two types of file wizards, one for Documents and one for Images.

Uploading Files

Messages message icon

Messages are sent to users by other users, as well as system messages from Cascade Server. You will typically only receive system messages. They are viewable from the "Messages" tab on the dashboard.