Posting Documents

Learn how to post files.

Posting Images

Learn how to insert images.

Features Page

The Features page is used to manage the content displayed in the features section.

Page with Features On

You can choose to display features on individual pages.

Click on the page named features from your asset tree (shown below).

asset tree

The page will appear in the main window. As this is an administrative page, you will see some technical information. Ignore the technical information. Click the Edit tab.

features page

The features section has room for three features. Features require a Title and Short description. They can also include a thumbnail image and a link to a page within your site.


config feature item
The title (with hyperlink to the page), thumbnail image and short description will display as follows.
display feature item


Click the Submit button to save your changes to the features page.

submit button

Publishing your Features Page

Please Note: If you are just starting your site, you can continue creating content and when your site is ready you will need to publish the entire site. However, if you modify your features page after your site has been published, you will need to publish the entire site in order for your changes to appear on all the pages.

To publish your site, select the folder with your NSID, select the Publish Tab and click the Submit button. Learn more about publishing.

folder view


publish tab

Please Note: The features page is a fundamental element of the site. Never delete this page.