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Posting Images

Learn how to insert images.

Initial Set Up

The following steps must be completed in order to publish your site. Please note that if you currently have files on homepage, Cascade will overwrite any of them with the same name.

To get started, follow steps 1 - 6 below (note you only need to follow these steps once). Step 7 will take you back to your homepage folder. This folder is where you will manage your website - adding pages, images etc.

  1. To get to your site, you will need to select homepage from the sites section of the pull-down menu located in the top left corner.select homepage
  2. In the green tool bar go to "Administration" and select "Transports."
    select transport
  3. Click the icon with your NSID beside it.
    select nsid transport
  4. Then click the "Edit" tab.
    edit transport
  5. In the Password and Confirm Password fields enter your password.
    transport password fields
    Please note: You'll need to update your password in the Transport every time you change your NSID password.
  6. Then click the "Submit" button.
  7. To get back to your site select the "Home" link in the green toolbar.
    home link

Once back in your site, edit the Config page for your site.

Note that the Server Directory shown above differs from user to user.  The two letters after /page/ are the first and third letters in your NSID, so, for example, the directory for abc123 is /page/a/c while the directory for xyz123 is /page/x/z.

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