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Posting Files

The most common files to post are PDF and Word documents. After you have uploaded your files, posting them will follow the same steps as creating internal links.

  1. Open the page where you want to post the file. You can locate the page in the asset tree or by using navigation menus within the site in the right pane.

    asset tree navigation

    The selected page will display in the right pane.
  2. Click the Edit tab.

    Edit tab

    The WYSIWYG editor will open.

  3. Enter or select the text that will have the hyperlink for the PDF. Click the hyperlink icon in the WYSIWYG toolbar. The Hyperlink dialogue box will appear.

  4. Click the page icon to select the link location. The Cascade File chooser will open in a new window.

    File chooser
  5. Select the appropriate PDF. (If you created a documents folder, you can use the “+” beside the folders to expand the folder tree.) The selected file will appear as the Current Selection.

    File chooser
  6. Click the Confirm button. The location of the PDF will be listed as the link.

    PDF selected
  7. Click the Insert button. The text now has a hyperlink to the PDF.

  8. Click the Submit button. You will receive an “Edit successful” message at the top of the right pane.

    Edit successful message
  9. In order to see the file on the website, you will need to publish your changes. Select the Publish tab.  The Publish pane will open. The settings will have been pre-set by your site manager. Note: If your PDF has not been published yet, it will also need to be published.

    Publish tab
  10. Click the Submit button. You will receive notification that the publish message was sent successfully. It will queue up to be published to the web server.

    Publish pane
  11. Optional: If you would like to check the status of your publish job in the publishing queue you can do so by clicking on Tools >> Publisher >>Active Jobs in the Menu bar. Depending on how long the queue is, your publishing job may be the current job or be listed in the queue behind other publishing jobs. If you don’t see it listed then your publishing job has already finished and your changes will be reflected on the live website.