Template Elements

General Content Page

In the standard templates there are default page layouts that are used for regular/general content (e.g. accordion, tabs).

The General Content Page will be used for the majority of the pages in your site and would typically include text, images and/or small tables. Context-based navigation appears on the right side of the page providing links to other pages within the same folder as this page. The primary page image is positioned on the right-hand side of the page.

Site Name

The site name is located above the global navigation. Typically it will be the name of a college, department, program, service, research group, conference, etc. The site name includes a link that will take you back to the homepage of the site. The site name is set on the Config Page.


Websites include many different types of navigation to help visitors find the information they need so that they can complete their tasks. The navigation types used in the WCMS U of S templates are:

  • Primary (Global) Navigation – Top Menu Bar
  • Primary (Global) Sub-navigation – Top Level Section Folders/Pull-Down Menu Items
  • Secondary Navigation – Context Navigation in Right-Side Menu
  • Tertiary NavigationLocated in the Header
  • Breadcrumb Navigation – Located below the Top Menu Bar
  • Footer Links Navigation – Located in the Footer

See the Navigation Elements section for descriptions of each type of navigation.


The header of the site appears above the site name. It includes the University of Saskatchewan logo, a link to PAWS and a search box by default. You can choose to add up to three links to other webpages within your site or elsewhere at the U of S, such as a link to the U of S map for your location, your contacts page or related sites. These links, referred to as the tertiary navigation, are typically used for less important tasks visitors to your site might have, as more important tasks would be included in your top menu bar.


The footer appears at the bottom of the page. It includes the university logo, a link to the U of S website disclaimer, and a link to the U of S website privacy statement. You can choose to add up to five links to other webpages within your site, such as your contacts page or site map, or elsewhere at the U of S. You can also choose to add up to seven links to social media sites. The webpage links appear between the university logo and the Disclaimer and Privacy links. The social media will appear as icons in the bottom right corner of the footer.

Marketing and the U of S Brand

See the Marketing & Communications website for notes on the U of S brand, logo, photography and filmdescriptions of the standard U of S website layout elements and for other U of S templates.

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