FAQ Page

The FAQ (Frequently asked questions) page is included in the WCMS design options. It is a page consisting of (usually) numerically listed questions and answers

Create a new FAQ page:

  1. Click on the section folder that is to contain the new FAQ page
  2. Go to the New menu and select FAQ Page
  3. Fill in the Question and Answer fields as required
  4. Click Submit to save your page
  5. To publish your page click the same folder from step 1
  6. Select Publish and click Submit


  1. Add or remove items as required use the applicable icon(s)
    FAQ order icons
    • To add a new question click the Add icon
    • To remove a question select the Minus icon
    • To reorder a question use the Arrow icon or Down icon
  2. Fill in the Question and Answer fields as desired
  3. Click Submit
  4. To publish the changes select the Publish tab then click Submit

FAQ Page in edit mode

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