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Main Image

  • Feature Image - a large (900 x 320) centered image. If you have more than one Feature Image, the right and left navigation buttons will automatically appear.
    • Troubleshooting tips:
      • Make sure that the Image Type is 'Feature' on the index page
      • Make sure you've published the index page in the features folder
  • Basic Image - an image that can be left or right aligned.

Feature Image

  • On the index page click Edit
  • In the Image Type dropdown select Feature
  • Click Submit

Feature image


There are three steps to creating a Feature Image. You need to:

  1. Upload the photo from your computer to Cascade
  2. Create the feature page (including attaching the image to the page)
  3. Publish the index page in the features folder


    1. Upload the photo - getting the image from your computer in to Cascade:
      • Go to New and select Feature Image -> Photo 900x320
      • Browse for the image on your computer (must be 900 x 320)
      • Select the image
      • Click Submit. The image will automatically be placed in the images/features folder

    1. Create the Feature Page
      • Go to New and select Feature Image -> Page
      • Start Date - the date the image is to start displaying on the homepage (can be post dated)
      • End Date - the date the image is to be removed
      • Title - default text that can be positioned left or right. The Title text will turn green when the mouse hovers on it. The green positioning graphic will appear to the left of the title.
      • Description - text that appears when mouse hovers on the title
      • Image - the image you uploaded to Cascade in Step 1
        • Click [Search]
        • Select the image you uploaded in Step 1
          Attach feature image

  1. Publish the features index page

    Publish features index page


Basic Image

  • Image must be uploaded to Cascade prior to attaching it to the homepage. See uploading images for instructions.
  • Once the image is in Cascade go to the 'index' page and click Edit
  • In the Image Type dropdown select Basic
  • Beside Image Align (Basic) select Left or Right
  • You need to attach the image to the page:
    • Image Select (Basic) - click the file icon or [Search]
    • Browse for and select the image (remember the image must be uploaded to Cascade in order to select it).
    • Click Insert
    • Click Submit to save your changes

    Basic image edit mode

Basic image web view

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