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News Article

News articles can be posted to multiple categories. Articles can be posted to a WordPress blog - users can create the categories within Cascade to publish to WordPress (no need to create the categories in WP first). User's can assign (create) 'tags' to articles - the tag created in Cascade will be posted to the WordPress tag cloud (no need to create the tags in WP first

Create a news article

Images for news articles need to already be in Cascade. For assistance see uploading images to Cascade.
    1. Select the relevant year folder
    2. Go to New and select News Article

New news article

  1. Fill in the fields and click Submit
  • To attach an image:
    • Click the file icon
    • Browse to your images folder
    • Select the image
    • Click confirm
    • Click Insert

News article edit

News article

Publishing a news article

  • If you would like to have your news articles published automatically on a regular schedule please email
  • For manual publishing, you'll need to publish the article, the category(ies) to which it's assigned, and the news homepage. Note that this can be done even if there is a regular publishing schedule.

Delete a news article

  1. Click the More tab and select Delete
  2. Click Submit
  3. Publish the news homepage
    • This is to remove it from the list of articles being displayed, and/or to remove it from your homepage news feed

    Delete news article

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