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News Category

To request news categories please email

If your news is integrated with WordPress, any new categories created in cascade will automatically be created in WordPress when you publish


  1. Select the category page and click the Edit tab
  2. Fill in the fields as required
  3. Click Submit
  • Display Name - the text that will show in the Categories column on right side of the page. This list is found on the news homepage, individual category pages, and news articles.
  • Title - text that will render as the main heading on the page, and the default bookmark text
  • Categories - this will filter the articles to display only those assigned to the selected category
  • Articles displayed - maximum number of news articles sorted in descending order by date

Category edit

Category display


  • If you're just making edits to an existing category select the Publish tab and click Submit
  • If the category does not currently exist on the website you'll need to publish the entire news folder.
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