Hosting & Publishing

Webpage hosting and publishing services are provided to support your needs for effective distribution of information.


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Publishing Tools

There are many reasons to have a web presence and many web publishing tools can be used. The tools you use to create and manage your web presence will depend on what you are trying to accomplish.

  • WCMS is recommended for when you want to provide information.
    • The WCMS makes it easy for you to build a U of S-branded website
    • It supports the sharing of content
    • Can be integrated with blogs
    • Web addresses are in the format and/or (for sites on the main web server).

  • Blogs are recommended for when you want to have an online conversation with your audience.
    • Blogs provide an easily accessible feedback channel in the form of a commenting system.
    • WordPress blogs can be integrated with the WCMS U of S Templates
    • Web addresses for blogs begin with

  • Wikis are recommended for when you want to collaborate with a working group to build shared information.
    • A wiki provides collaborative web space that can be used for multi-author collaboration (a wiki provides capability beyond what a blog can do, such as collaborative documentation with versioning)
    • Web addresses for wikis begin with

There are also non-university services, such as social media sites (e.g. Twitter, Facebook), that can be used for web publishing.

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