Individual Websites (

You can use to host a website about your student, teaching, research and other interests. Your individual website can be used for any non-commercial purpose, provided that it adheres to university policies.

Getting Started

Your homepage account is automatically created for you when you are eligible to have one. You can access and manage your space on homepage in several ways. Generally, you will need technical training and access to web development software.

Please note: Accessing files on homepage from off-campus using any of the methods below, excluding PAWS, requires a VPN connection to the U of S. Information on and how to connect to our VPN can be found here.


You can access your files on homepage through PAWS and does not require a VPN connection while off-campus. Log in to PAWS and go to My Files in your My Channels section. 

Secure FTP

Using a Secure FTP client, you can manually upload webpage files from your computer to your website.

Connect using: SFTP
Port: 22
Username: your NSID (e.g. abc123)
Password: your NSID Password

Note: This method requires that you manage your webpage files using the software of your choice (e.g. Dreamweaver). It also requires considerable web development experience or training.

Map a Drive to Your Website Files on homepage - Windows

Most university computer labs automatically map drive W: to Homepage. Alternatively, you can map a drive to Homepage yourself by connecting to \\\homes.

Mount a Drive to Your Website Files on homepage - OSX

You can mount a drive using Finder by selecting Go > select Connect to Server > smb:// (where NSID is your NSID) you will be asked for your NSID and password.

Interactive Login

If you have advanced web training, you may wish to login interactively using the SSH protocol. This will permit you to manually update your web content using UNIX command-line tools.

  • If you use Windows you can use the PuTTY software to connect to homepage.
  • If you use Mac or Linux you can use the following command directly on your machine:
Default URL

Once your files are on Homepage, people can visit your website by going to where abc123 is your NSID, and "filename.html" is the name of the file to view. In order for people to be able to visit your site by going to without specifying the filename, the starting page for your site must be named "index.html" or "index.php".



Server Status

There are times a network service may not be available. This may occur because of the need for scheduled maintenance or because of a problem being experienced with the service.

We track the status of all university network services. You can check the Web services status page to see if the web servers are operating normally.

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