Map a Drive to Your Website Files (homepage) - Windows

When you are on the university’s network or using the VPN, you can access Homepage from your Windows desktop or laptop computer. You will need to "Map a drive" to access file service shares.

1. From your Desktop, open File Explorer by clicking on the folder icon in bottom left task tray:

open file explorer

2. In the Left side menu, right click on Network and select Map Network Drive:

right click network and select map network drive

3. In the "Drive" pull-down menu select a letter (in this case the letter "Z" is selected). You may select any letter that is not currently being used.

4. In the Folder box insert \\\abc123 (where abc123 is your NSID).

map a drive

5. If you want the drive to be mapped every time you use your computer, then select "Reconnect at login."

6. Click "Finish."

7. When prompted for username and password, type in your NSID and password.

To access/view your new drive:

  1. From your Desktop open File Explorer by clicking the folder icon in left bottom task tray.
  2. Your newly mapped drive should now be displayed as a drive under "Network Location."

If it does not appear, you may need to adjust the authentication level required for mapping to Unix servers.

By default Windows Vista and higher has set the policy for LAN Manager authentication to "not defined" which may cause the inability to map to our homepage server. In order to connect you will need to modify these settings.


In order to complete the automatic installation, you must be logged in as an "Administrator." To modify the authentications settings automatically, download and install the file.

  1. Open the Run command and type "secpol.msc."
  2. Press "continue" when prompted.
  3. Click on "Local Policies" --> "Security Options"
  4. Navigate to the policy "Network Security: LAN Manager authentication level" and open it.
  5. Change this to "LM and NTLM - use NTLMV2 session security if negotiated."
  6. Press OK.
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