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Connect to Server for Your Website Files (homepage) - Mac OS X

When you are on the university’s network or using the VPN, you can access Homepage from your Macintosh desktop or laptop computer. You will need to "Mount a drive" to access file service shares.

  1. On Finder Menu, click Go
  2. Click Connect to Server
  3. Type: smb:// in the Server Address field:
  4. Enter your NSID in the Name field and NSID password in the Password field and check Remember this password in my keychain:
  5. Homepage will mount on your Desktop as your NSID:
  6. Control Click (or right click) on the mounted image for homepage and select Make Alias:
  7. Alias will appear as below:
  8. Click the alias once, then press Enter and replace abc123 alias with
  9. To easily remount homepage, all you need to do is double click on the alias you created:
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