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Supported Programming Languages and Tools - www

If you have the technical training to write customized scripts or incorporate database functionality into your websites, the following languages and tools are supported by the server.

PHP Scripts

You can use PHP Scripts in websites hosted on www.

CAS and .htaccess Files

You can use .htaccess files to restrict access to your website. URLs for sites that are restricted to people with NSIDs and passwords should begin with https:// to prevent snooping.

To use CAS (our Central Authentication Service) to restrict access to a folder on a departmental website, create an .htaccess file containing, e.g.:

         AuthType CAS
         AuthName "Network Services"
         Require user abc123


          AuthType CAS
          AuthName "Network Services"
          AuthGroupFile /department/mygroups
          Require group mygroup

Once you've done that, only the named users or groups will be allowed to access that folder.

You can also read the Apache documentation on .htaccess files.

Data Collection Tool

The U of S has a Data Collection tool that takes the output of any web form and saves it in a comma-separated value (CSV) file that you can download. Contact the central webmasters for more information.

Database Support

MySQL databases can be used on Contact the central webmasters for more information.

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