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Website Statistics - www

You can generate website usage statistics for your college/department/unit website using Google Analytics or Analog.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a popular tool which provides a wide variety of usage statistics for your website.

To use Google Analytics, you need sign up for an account with Google, and then include some custom JavaScript code on all your webpages.

Please note that, due to privacy issues, you should not use Google Analytics on sites that require authentication or that deal with sensitive information. The issue is that when you include externally hosted JavaScript on your pages, that external site has access to the contents of your pages, as well as authentication data, cookies and anything visitors to your site might type in.


Analog is an alternative way you can gather usage data for your college/department/unit website. Reports are also available online but may be emailed to you monthly on request.

Analog reports provide information on directory and file requests, domain and organization names, referring URLs, internal and external search queries, and browsers and operating system summaries.

Although Analog does not provide detailed information on individual visitors, the data is extremely helpful in establishing usage trends and monitoring site profile.

Statistical data for webpages hosted by U of S web servers can be viewed in webpage analog reports.  For privacy reasons, you can access these reports only from on the university’s network or using the VPN.

You can take the online course on interpreting analog reports.

If your college/department/unit is interested in obtaining Analog reports, please email

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