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Our weekly Immunology Journal Club provides a forum for Faculty and Students to interact on an informal basis. It has been proved a valuable exercise over the years, a kind of a window to the world of the international community of immunologists. The membership in our journal club has continued to expanded since its inception, and we look forward to the continuation of this trend with the evolution of the Immunology Research Group.

Our university coordinator is Dr. Popi Havele, who has spearheaded this club since it first began. Over the years local coordinators in the Veterinary school, VIDO, and Agriculture Canada have helped in the local advertisement of upcoming topics.

Each week, one of our participants chooses a paper of personal interest from the current literature, and provides at the Tuesday session a background overview of the topic area followed by an in-depth discussion/critique of the methodology, results and conclusions drawn by the authors, as well as any dissenting views from the literature.

Our sessions are held on:
Tuesdays from 12.00-1:00 p.m. in Rm. 2587, New Clinical Wing, Vet College (WCVM)
Bring your lunch so you can eat while mulling over the complexities of modern immunology.

Email list:

Please contact Heather Wilson to be added to the list (


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